From Hate to Love: QT’s ‘Hey QT

TARA CARLIN review’s QT’s ‘bizarre’ track, Hey QT


My first instinct when hearing a ‘futuristic’ mix of bubblegum champagne hiccups and interminable rotating synth is to reach for the gin to soothe my impending headache and stuttering record.

Sophie and A.G. Cook unite to form QT, with a bizarre yet frankly simplistic track ‘Hey QT’. Exasperation was indeed was my initial response. But similar to Hilary Duff films and Toto’s ‘Africa’, the track is so bad, it’s good.

To visualise this track, imagine a punch in the face, with a hot pink glittery boxing glove. However, a shocking turn of events occur when you listen to the ‘Pitched Down’ version; it almost sounds like a commonplace pop song. To call it futuristic or visionary would perhaps be misguided, as tracks like this would be generic in the realms of K-Pop. Nevertheless I still believe it will have significance as an underground equivalent of ‘Crazy Frog’.

Listen to the track at your peril, it will circulate round your mind for days but over time you will learn to accept it, or I dare say, even genuinely like it.

Original track:

Pitched down version:

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