Carousel / I Only Want U 2 Luv Me

DILRUBA TAYFUN observes the world around her with fascination and curiosity and transforms it into illustrations. Her work balances the line between being playful, vibrant and comedic, as well as exploring the darker side of the human psyche.

“This a response piece I made for Miles Aldridge’s “I Only Want You to Love Me” photographic exhibition at the Somerset House. An illustration that began as a revelation-led doodle, I decided that a carousel was a great metaphor for humanity, for the strive of life. But in this case it represents the endless mutation women go through and their cyclical, comical attempts at reaching perfection in order to be loved. It is a carousel because once you’re on the ride there’s no way out, it dizzyingly spins your life around, and out of control, you are unable to get off. The carousel is a carnivalesque caricature of a dry tragedy that Aldridge exposes in his deliciously orchestrated high-saturation images.”