Posterboi 666 – Brunswick Blues

NAT JONES discusses the excitements and short fallings of the new track from Posterboi 666

The debut track from singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Posterboi666 (AKA Tim Bruce) is ‘Brunswick Blues’ and you should listen to it right here:

Photo courtesy of Ysé Colomb, edited by Jonathan Bruce

It takes a tremendous amount of bravery to pile in from the start of the song. Brunswick Blues catches us by surprise with bursting energy from the get-go. Coming in at exactly two minutes in length, it provides a highlight reel of what Posterboi 666 is all about. Chorus infused Talk Talk guitar layering combines delicately with Thom Yorke-esque vocal harmonies, with dream pop reverb melding it all together with the characteristic blur of a talented composer lacking the egotistical showmanship of a more established performer.

Much of the singing sits well below the instrumentals within the mix, certainly pertaining to the contemporary vogue of recounting the Shoegazing mid-nineties. However, the outro guitar solo hints at a classic rock upbringing – as does the kitschy name of the track. Such contrasting styles sit uneasily. The incredibly promising intro fades into a far less original conclusion.  

As exam feedback season rears its ugly head, we might say that Posterboi 666 shows considerable promise but falls short of top marks. This effort jumps from section to section demonstrating  arguments well, yet often falls short of fully expanding upon points. However, as an abstract ‘Brunswick Blues’ is an exciting debut. Savage Listen waits with bated breath for a more carefully calculated work. 

Feature image courtesy of Ysé Colomb, edited by Jonathan Bruce

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