TOM BROADLEY gives his opinion on Herron’s funky new track.

Unchained desire and unrequited love is common enough material for music, however it takes a powerful musician to fully achieve the excitement of these feelings. Herron have achieved this on their latest track, 2:1:5. Stylistically it hails back to the disco-ball sheen of 70s pop that Daft Punk used so creatively in last year’s Random Access Memories.

Beginning with soft synths and Nile Rogers-esque guitar, the song sets an almost glamorous tone that barely disturbs the listener. The chorus, on the other hand, conveys the passion of the song with loud brass, as all components jump around each other in climactic zeal. The bridge strips 2:1:5 back with only the beats underneath before it leaps back into its jolting chorus to finish.

Lyrically, the singer’s object of desire is described as dangerous and slippery. They are a “sabre-toothed machine” and have a “circus in your eyes.” A desperate tone is succinctly epitomised in the beg “I want you to want me.” Herron capture the kind of joy in being on the receiving end of your crush’s absolute scorn with a Jane Austen shout out: “You’ve kept your pride / but I want your prejudice”, a dare that finds no resolution. Keep your eyes peeled for more from these newcomers – it will be worth the wait.


2:1:5 can be heard on SoundCloud now.

To find out more about Herron visit their website HERE