a brief moment in time

A poem by NICOLE FAN.


it has been a while

since i awoke to the salute of a sunrise

accustomed to darkness before dawn

unused to seeing coral-tinted skies


and too long

since the dining table was this full

layers of dust wiped away

making homes once empty now lived into


Image courtesy of Charles Deluvio on unsplash.com


wanting to move forward

with wistful prayers to go back

we desperately crave a recent past

while distant memories we forget


that there was a time

before we’d severed the veins within

when this was our normal

and not the earth paused mid-spin


as the seconds stretch forward with hands past the clock

so too does each day’s yearning

but stay for now and remember this

interlude, when the world resumes turning.


Image courtesy of Avo Sol on unsplash.com


Featured image courtesy of S L on unsplash.com

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