A poem by IVY GAO.


Image courtesy of unsplash.com


plucked from the depths of the cosmos, snug as a pea,

pearl-soft, toes to the moon, mind a starry sea.

a twitchy hatchling, a tickly tadpole,

a wriggling fish, soft as cookie dough.

damp as a lilypad bathed by a sun-shower,

velvety as the belly of a cherry-flower.

slick as raw yolk, and twice as sunny,

jumpy as a wood clock, pink as a bunny.

hairless as an onion, a tulip bud

scampering across the sky, a happy bug.

warm as a kiss in the morning mist,

a loaf of bread rising, damp with yeast.

in the midsummer sun, a springy sprout

curled like a question mark, tummy to the clouds.


Image courtesy of unsplash.com


Featured image courtesy of unsplash.com

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