A poem by VICTORIA NAMBI which featured in ‘The Wonderful Bird,’ the 2014 edition of Ardingly College’s creative writing anthology.

Pray tell, do I blend with ebony? I think not.
Was I carved from obsidian rock?
Is charcoal the foundation
To my powdered midnight blush?

The truth is I am chocolate.
I am luscious and dark; warm and rich.
I am Bittersweet Wholesome Bliss –
The stuff of Nubian dreams –
Not base. Not a disgrace.
I am no stain on society’s face!
Neither am I impure.
My skin is not sooty or soiled,
But rather silky and demure.

Tasty to the tongue and endowed
With an appetite for the Sun;
I am melted heaven,
Encapsulated in one.