WILLA HILDITCH brilliantly explores the progressive relationship between visual art and words.

“i do believe art isn’t really about images anymore and words are more accessible in some cases”


Yea nice jacket, its a waster

oh the jacket

thats about it

clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap

Tim you should put that on you’d look like a proper sailor

yea I’d like that


Is it a medium slim or

what are we talking about

is this your boyfriend


so the thing is um um as we um mentioned before that is doesn’t really matter does it um

does anything really matter though

exactly exactly

thing is I like your centre garment

you like what sorry

your centre garment

I think your necklace

oh my necklace

you know years ago Richard the first and they used to have this same garment, and I, the assholes years ago

it’s perfecting assholes

no no

is it what

anyway cheers

I can just swing


swing them out the way

oh right

it’s still very sexy

thank you Richard, but no thank you

no the thing is this whole time I’m already married, so

calm down


breath in woman

go home to your wife Richard, I think she is waiting for you

no no I can’t, I don’t know where she lives

well that’s not good

no I don’t

because she said to me, Richard, if you’ve been drinking too much, don’t come home

well it looks like you’re not going home then

what haha

what haha

are you going home then

clap clap clap clap

no no it explains it, it explains it, anyway cheers

cheers, cheers

happy birthday to you

to new friends

yea I don’t think this is going to be our regular



sexual harassment friends


anyway I tell you what, whoevers got you is a lucky bloke

oh really, what if it’s a she


what if it’s a, what if it’s a woman, might not be a bloke

I don’t give a shit

the bottom line is, have a good day

thank you, you have a good day too

you know what a good day is don’t you

er, I imagine it’s a nice day

clap clap clap clap

quite a complex person

it means you’re already free don’t you


I don’t think it’s one of those days today Richard

Anyway you never told me your first name




can you write that down and your phone number

your wife would like that

tempting, but no thank you

I think your wife would be upset

no, no, shoes, the trouble with shoes, you don know do you

professure italiani in milano

I can only swear in italian

I can speak italian

you can speak italian

no I can just swear in italian

you can swear in italian



clap clap clap clap

is that right


è bravo, è bravo



you’re good at this


what time is it

time to go

we’ve got half an hour

yea time to go

that was half an hour ago though

Richard I think you should make your way home

whys that

because you’re very drunk

and your wife is probably waiting

clap clap clap clap clap clap

is he married

how do you know I’m drunk though

because you

where’s your wedding ring


where’s your wedding ring

she got it

yea exactly

my wife got it



because, many times, when I’m in the bath, and I, I take it off

fair enough


and she, you know girls are very fussy aren’t they


I thought they only wanted money and babies

no no no


all girls are very fussy

no they’re not

yes they are

ok then

and they, and they, he’ll tell you that


he thinks women are bossy

he thinks women are fussy

they are

Jordi doesn’t agree


he doesn’t agree

Jordan doesn’t like the fact women can vote still

well he’s an asshole then isn’t he

so where do we go from here

clap clap clap clap clap

now the bottom line is, happy birthday to you

my birthday was in may

oh was it really, is it really

clap clap clap clap

I know classic me

I’m kinda wondering to what extent is the alcohol and what extent is something deeper

only half a pint

one half pint too many

bit like you


no because thats what my dad, my dad always told me, he said Richard, don’t give a shit

about what

he’s not a religious fella

no he isn’t, he isn’t that for sure, thats for sure, thats for sure

so the bottom line is, whats your first name again

what sorry

my first name

its freya

can you write it down for me because I’m not very good at names

here we are that makes the F, thats the R, here we go


and its only £12.60

now your proper name

it is my proper name

it’s the same

oh no

you don’t want her surname

where do you live

I live in Uganda


I have a long commute

a very long commute

anyway, whats your favourite subject



so I know where to get you

the art department


don’t come and get me there

you’d assume card

they don’t check very often

I’m going to nip off to the loo

I know you’re very artistic because the art

she’s got art vibes

one of my daughters is very artistic

thank you

yea I know

bring bring your wife’s calling you

bling bling

you’ve got your hat on you’re ready to go

the sun has got his hat on

I think the pubs closing soon

better go


because the pub closes

clap clap clap clap


i know the reason why because your boyfriend is coming along

her girlfriend

no not girlfriend

it’s not possible

I cant I cant

shall we go


we’ve still got 20 minutes

yeah but

on that note Richard, we’re probably going to go

yea yea I know, have a good day

thank you , you

 have a good day too

get home safe

au wiedersehen

be nice to your wife

au wiedersehen

you’re gunna have to let us out here Richard

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