A poem by NICOLE FAN.


and of course there was no one around
faced with the inescapable remedy
of water invading lungs
I was alone

they tell you it will clean you
purge the sediments on your skin
they tell you it renews the taint
that lives and grows within
they don’t tell you how much it burns
how it beats down, beats loud, beats you to a pulp
and of course there was no one around
and I was alone

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unwitnessed, I can dance across an empty street
or slip and fall and cry and bleed
beneath the roar that rectifies
and the precipitation of endless lies
to wipe away what once used to be –


and then a flash of light across the smoky sky
the morning still carries the traces of night
and then temporary stillness,
a momentary end
soon to be lost
when we begin again


Image Source: unsplash.com


Featured Image Source: unsplash.com

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