SAVAGE talks to James Jones, Ed Jones, Charlie Coombes and Henry Stroud about their label Bade Records.

Bade Records are an upstart independent record label started by four friends from London, who all share the same passion for music. Showcasing the highest quality of deep, melodic and emotive house and techno, Bade Records are creating a unique and recognizable international brand.

bade records

So, who are Bade Records?
ED: We’re four friends from London. Myself, James, Charlie and Henry.

How did you guys get started?
CHARLIE: We all share the same passion for music. We’ve all grown up with diverse musical interests and have all developed the same love for electronic music. Ed and I were actually in a band together at one point when we were at school! But naturally your music tastes develop and we found ourselves developing a love for electronic music, but still retaining a love for the music we had at a young age.

HENRY: We’ve always shared music amongst ourselves and have always searched for the latest and best music to bring to our friends. By starting a label we’re able to share more than just individual tracks but introduce new artists.

Who are your influences?
JAMES: We draw from a wide range of musical influences and our musical style is much more European than it is specifically from the UK. As a label, we’ve definitely been influenced by labels like Diynamic, Innervisions, Kompakt, Life and Death and Drumcode, and we draw upon their artists for our musical influences as well.

HENRY: I guess originally, our influences descend from indie music, rock and even heavy metal, the kind of music that influenced us a lot more when were younger. We’ve definitely let it have an effect on the kind of electronic music that we want to release.

ED: We’ve been inspired by the way that these labels conduct their business and the way they’ve created families between the label bosses and the artists. I guess we want to create a level of consistency – maybe you can even call it a ‘roster’. A family of artists within our label, who are willing to produce music for us over a long period of time with the hope of creating a unique bond that will translate onto the dance floor!

Who can we expect on the Bade Roster?
CHARLIE: So far we’ve publicised that we’re working with Berlin duo, Brigade, and Hamburg resident Jacques Mueller, as well as the four of us releasing in the distant future. We’ve got a few others lined up and we’ll be announcing them officially very soon. We’re incredibly excited to work with our artists, we’ve come across some amazing material and we hope it will get the exposure it deserves.

What can we expect from Bade Records in the future?
ED: Lots and lots of amazing music! (Laughs). We’ve lined up a series of releases for the next few months and we’re always on the lookout for new artists. We’re looking to do a number of label launches and showcases in various cities both in the UK and in Germany.

CHARLIE: We’re also looking to expand the Bade brand – we’ve recently taken on an in-house artist and are looking to expand Bade Records creatively. Be sure to keep an eye on us!

You can listen to Bade Records’ first release here and download it for free: