ROSEMARY MOSS introduces UCL EMS’s mixtape Blessings.

Despite each of the nine tracks on Blessings the new EMS mixtape having a perceptibly different style and set of influences, the mix does that rare thing of working as a whole without sacrificing the individuality of any single voice.

From the muted vocals and hypnotic hip-hop beats of Sacha Allen and Absenol.’s opener ‘slow motions’, through Markson’s melancholic reworking of ‘Can You Feel It’, and Sentido’s ambient-techno ‘7AM’ featuring samples pulled from the NASA back catalogue, Blessings effortlessly weaves through genres and styles, covering so much in just nine tracks; a sign that EMS boasts a colourful variety of taste, talent and creativity.

The variety of tracks seems to reflect the variety of musical interests within the society, and there is certainly enough to satisfy the tastes of any listener.

Blessings is available to stream on all major platforms

Featured image courtesy of Jordan Harding.