A poem by ANONYMOUS.

How many times

will I go through Gower Street

looking for you again?


In between the trees,

And the Quad,

And the faceless smiles,

of every stranger that locks eyes.


How many times

will I miss you again?

In the library spot you liked

With the panini you always ate

Small memories are pointless I know.

But they form a bigger picture of something else,

something that hurts a little less.


All the places you once were,

Are now empty and silent.

I don’t know how to deal with it yet,


Your silence.


Our lives are part of other lives.

Cobwebs made of cobwebs,

Piles of red string tangled together,

The best mess was our paths crossing

in between it all.

Despite it all.


I keep looking for you everywhere.

Not in the trees this time,

but in the sunny flowers too,

in between the empty corridors,

filled with the ghosts of you.


Looking at all the words you said

And all the promises you made,

which are now crumbling into two.


So now, too prideful for our own good,

we stand on opposite ends.

The seen and unseen,

behind some heavy oak trees.

Guarded by all the wrongs we made,

Unaware that human nature has no rights.


‘I’m not sorry.’

‘Neither am I.’

The End.


Featured image ‘Interior’ by Edgar Degas, courtesy of WikiArt