When handfuls of human teeth

are spat out of Earth’s warming

belly –

with all the speed of

a mounted bicycle wheel –

spinning when spun –

they clatter against

glass shop fronts in what the

newspapers call a





Older necks crane idly from above

dropping down and

‘what the hell is that?’

dances in the street to the sound

of enlightening and enamel frailty

are soon stopped with too much force.


Image courtesy of flickr.com


The policeman, who refuses to be one,

removes his helmet and prays solemnly

to Apollo;

the famous librarian shakes

a wrinkly fist at an image

of Diana, and tracks the cringey way

it’s all been adopted not quite right.


I try to kick through the

brick but only provide

a rhythm stronger –

a boot clattering cements –

a tooth led orchestra –

in such a way that it’s difficult to move.


Image courtesy of unsplash.com


Featured image courtesy of unsplash.com