Introducing the debut single and EP from STAL KINGSLEY.

Meet Stal Kingsley – outlandish artist, maddened musician, lo-fi luminary, and deviant devil. Take a listen to ‘Dont Stop’, the recently released single from Stal’s debut EP ‘Useless Boy’:

Out of nowhere, the mysterious man that is Stal Kingsley appeared in a blaze of confidence and noise. Despite his extremely recent emergence onto the scene, Stal already has a 4 track EP under his belt, as well as performances in both London and Vancouver, Canada. ‘Useless Boy’ is a wash of lo-fi pop for recreational relaxation fans – download/listen to the full EP and pick up a hand-drawn cassette from Stal Kinglsey HERE.

Live, Stal keeps it diverse with music, ‘live drawing countdowns’, and filmed ad breaks – ‘obviously they all vary in quality but fuck quality really’. Performing live with just a tape cassette to accompanying him, Stal Kingsley loves that its not perfect, ‘it’s hissy and there’s not a thing you can do about it’.

His next single, music video and full length album are all on the way, so keep an eye out for all shenanigans he has in store for the future, because this isn’t the last you’ve heard of Stal Kingsley.

To keep up to date with upcoming shows and releases, find Stal on Facebook and Instagram.